Tuesday, March 16, 2010

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Ireland Guidedogs

While we were riding the number 13A into the city center of Dublin today, we saw a man walking a very large Old English Sheepdog and a Husky. Since we were on the top level of a double decker bus (so cool, those!) I could only see a tiny portion of the sheepdog that Fred was pointing out. Very fuzzy.

We passed them and came to a stop at the next light. They caught up with us, Dublin traffic being what it is and while we waited around we heard a bunch of barking. Then Fred pointed out a visually impaired man with his black lab guide dog just up the way on the sidewalk. His dog-distracted guidedog. For as we slowly crept past we watched as the man had to come to a stop and wait as his dog became excited and distracted and essentially stopped working when he heard the two big dogs barking and coming his way. Granted, he wasn't lunging or barking or pulling his owner off his feet. But he was forcing him to stop and flounder around for a few minutes waiting for his doggy companion to work it out. Which he did. We assume. We drove on by.

And it made us miss Bingo. Our little dog distracted baby. He's getting better. Jennifer said so. I hope the pet sitters are having fun with him. I hope he's being a good boy. Seven more days.

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