Monday, March 8, 2010

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Thunder Thighs

Wednesday night at obedience class, Jennifer stopped me and asked a seemingly innocent question:

“How much are you feeding Bingo?”

“Two cups in the morning and two cups at night,” I said.

“Three cups in the morning and two cups at night,” Fred said.

“WHAT?!” Jennifer hid a smile. I looked at Fred. “Three cups?”

“The manual said if he acts really hungry to feed him some more…during a growth spurt.” Fred said a bit defensively. I’m still sputtering about the three cups. Jennifer is trying not to laugh at us.

Jennifer said, “Well, he’s a little bit….” She looked down at Bingo.

Mind you, last week, someone had told Jan that Bingo was fat and I said, “No way! You can still see his indentation. “ So I quickly point out his indentation to Jennifer.

“Yes,” she agrees patiently. “He does have a good indentation, but you should be able to find his ribs and his spine easily.”

“Oh no. He’s a fatty.” I said.

So Bingo is now on a strict two cup in the morning, two cup at night food schedule. We’ve added in some longer walks to work on his “thunder thighs” as one of my co-workers deemed them.

Poor Bingo… Michelle Obama has it right, childhood obesity really is a problem!


  1. Thunder thighs of pure muscle, like those speed skaters in the olympics. :)

  2. OK that's funny! Not really since he is probably really enjoying that extra jolt in the morning:)