Sunday, March 28, 2010

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Barnyard Friends

Bingo had his meeting at a riding stable this week. He got to make some new friends. At the beginning though, he wasn't quite sure about the whole deal.

Initially shy of the big horse, as you can see in this video,

However, as you can see in this photo, he is very interested in the Shetland pony. They later touched noses and it was quite cute.

I'm not sure if it was a size thing, but when it came to the smaller animals (pygmy goats and Shetland ponies), he loosened up quite a bit. Watch his tail in this video.

Bingo got off lightly with those pygmy goats. Other dogs weren't so lucky. A couple of dogs got head butted by the goats! Fortunately, Bingo went for making friends with the pony and left the goats for a lost cause. I would like to think that I had something to do with that as I have an irrational dislike of goats. Well, it isn't really irrational. There is a perfectly reasonable explanation that harkens back to a petting zoo and a straw hat and straw purse. Suffice it to say, goats are evil! I think Bingo understood that he would have better luck with the pony.
He did not want to have anything to do with the pig. Flat out wasn't interested. Little porky wagged his tail, but Bingo wasn't buying it. Something about that snout wasn't right. Perhaps he had had enough strangeness for the night.


  1. Toby loves my pigs/horses/goats/llamas/alpacas/chickens/such!
    You look quite cute Bingo!

    Toby's Raiser

  2. Check out Toby's blog if you want to enter his pawesome giveaway!