Saturday, March 20, 2010

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Signs of Bingo

Sure, we are on vacation, but we see signs of Bingo everywhere!

Is it that the EU is more aware of the disabled and seek to make life easier for them? (Now would be a good time for any of our readers over in the EU, if we have any!, to respond. Are things better, do you think, for the visually impaired in the EU?)

We hope our little man is doing well at the pet sitter's house and minding his manners. We'll be home on Wed. and will pick him up on Thursday morning and get the full report. Keep your fingers crossed he hasn't torn anything up or broken anything!


  1. That's gotta make you miss your dog!

    For your question: "When do you get a harness to try?".

    I don't know what your group does, but ours has 2 harness that we get to use when they are older - since Toby goes back next month (3 weeks!) our AC has been letting us use them.

    I know since the harnesses are (about) $300, that groups only have 1 (if any).

    Toby's Raiser