Wednesday, April 21, 2010

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Bacon Girl

On Monday at convocation, I was standing at the back, as per usual with Bingo sitting calmly at my side, not as per usual. He was a perfect Zen dog, motionless, calm, serene seeming, with seeming being the key word in the sentence. The Mello Divas had gone up on stage and begun to sing.

Bingo was so relaxed that I was following the instructions of leash management which say "train, don't restrain" so I had a slack leash on the boy wonder. In front of was a half row and at the end of the filled row was your normal girl student. I didn't notice anything particularly interesting about her. I was watching the Mello Divas. Bingo, however, had deduced that the girl was made of bacon.


I don't know how he came to this brilliant deduction, but he did and true to his reactionary nature, he acted upon it IMMEDIATELY AND WITHOUT WARNING. Leaping 5 feet in the air to arrive at the girl's side, he jumped up and licked her full on the face. I guess just to get a real taste of BACON. (You see he is allowed no people food.)

By this time, I have been jerked out of my reverie by 1. the leash and leaping dog (oh the horror!) and 2. the shrieks of the BACON girl and the peals of laughter of her entire row of students.





I return with chastened Bingo to my post against the wall and listen to the snickers of my colleagues. Sigh. Oh Bingo. Students aren't made of BACON. When will you learn?

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  1. What is super funny to me is that I am reading this during a sophomore class since 75% of my students are off to a spring rehearsal. The BACON girl is in my class. I started laughing as I was reading. They ask why..we discovered who that BACON tastiness was. :)