Sunday, April 11, 2010

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King of the Mountain

Lately, we have noticed that Bingo has a new resting spot: the top of the stairs. He also has a bit of a new attitude to go along with the resting spot. I like to call it "King of the Mountain." Usually when Fred is working in his office, Bingo will go lay at the top of the stairs and survey his kingdom. When I am in the house, Bingo is usually within about 5-10 feet of me. However, this morning, I looked around and he was gone. I found him at the top of the stairs.

I thought he looked a little bit regal and a little weary with all the ruling and such he had to do.


  1. Our dogs love the "top" of the stairs!
    Bingo, you look very good where you are!

  2. That looks like a premium spot! A great view to keep an eye on everything in his kingdom.

  3. That looks like a perfect spot to take a nap and keep an eye on everything!