Friday, April 9, 2010

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Bingo's Vacation Part I

Bingo's puppy sitters kept a wonderful diary of Bingo's daily activities that I thought I would share. They recounted the good and the bad of what went on and also highlighted areas he needed to work on.

March 14, 2010

Came to our house and met with the puppy sitters and promptly tried to chew everything. We puppy proofed the house and the gracious McLeans left for Ireland and Bingo realized he wasn't going and started to calm down.

Was fed his evening mean and let out to do "busy, busy" in the back yard and was a great success. Came in for the evening and met with Lenny the cat through the screen door. Was not a meeting the he would care to repeat, but it was funny. {Note: check off indoor cats!}

March 15, 2010

Very eventful day. Woke up and had breakfast and then completed busy, busy. We then took him to animal control to return a trap and he met the staff and other dogs. No petting allowed, he had on his jacket. But man, he sniffed everything in sigh and peed everywhere. He was very good in the caf but had some trouble fitting into the second seat. Joe and I are very tall and he was unable to lay onthe floor, so we let him on the back seat.

From there we went to the Safety Harbor Grill in Safety Harvor and had lunch. The owner was Albanian and had never heard of sevice dogs but his waiter explained it to him and they were all very pleasant and accommodating. Bingo was very good inthe restaurant and licked the floor clean. We would highly recommend this restaurant for puppy trainers to teach their animals how to behave where food is being served.

That night Bingo went for a walk around the block with my wheelchair and in the dark. Another new experience. Slept like a log.

March 16, 2010

Today was a little different. Spent a lot of time in the back yard until we had to go to two doctor's appointments. These appointements were too close together so he was crated while we got our personal business out of the way. He was very good about it. Was fed dinner and let out to do his busy busy and all went well. The kitchen floor has never been this clean and I no longer have to run a sweeper.

We are running into a small problem with the rubber mulch in the back yard, but he drops it when asked to. All we fear is that he will swallow one. He will meet my physical therapist tomorrow and we are going to go through the obedience commands and practice how to heel, stay and down.

March 17, 2010

Today was a do nothing day. We cleaned up the backyard so that Bingo could have more room to run around and go to the bathroom. Bought him some dental ssticks. He stayed out on the back porch and came in to visit and then went to back yard. Met 2 feral cats and they didn't get along. Met the physical therapist and behaved himself. Only problem we've found is with food. Gets too excited over it. Went for a walk with Joe and tugged a bit too much.

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