Thursday, July 26, 2012

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Coach Goes to Yoga

By Fred
Yesterday Cheryl brought Coach down to the yoga class and introduced him to Martha, our instructor who has a soft spot for dogs.

My original plan--years ago, before I knew better--was to take our sweet, well-behaved, quiet and Zen-like Southeastern Guide dog puppies to yoga class once or twice a week. I actually believed this would be possible. I believed these puppies would magically sit still in a room full of strangers while we all twisted and turned and otherwise acted silly. And so far I've given each of the dogs a chance. One chance each.

A picture of our tiny, smiling
yoga instructor, Martha, struggling to hold Coach in
the air and giving him a hug.
If the puppy is bad in yoga class, I can only whisper "no", a soft "no" with a complete lack of authority in my voice. (There's no loud talking in yoga.) And it is much too easy for a little puppy to get attention.

So I'm pretty sure this will be Coach's only visit to yoga. Maybe.

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