Wednesday, July 4, 2012

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Good Friends, Good Boy

Yesterday we met our good friends, whom we hadn't seen in about four years, at Sea Sea Riders for lunch.  We, of course, brought Jam with us because they have a a yellow lab and have kids and are dog friendly.

Anna, their little girl, was over the moon to meet Jam.  She and Kate met us outside the restaurant and walked us in to our table.  Jam was very good and did a smooth down under when we got to the table.  Then he started to lick Kate's toes.

Jam lying down in front of Anna, Cheryl, Kate and Will
He was great during the whole meal.  Didn't move around or get up much at all.  Although at one point, someone had dropped a fork and Jam found it and was about to eat it.  Anna pointed it out to Fred who retrieve the fork.

Fred, Jam, Will and Jay standing in front of the tree for a photo of the boys.  Will is wearing his black lab shirt.
After lunch, we went outside and took off his coat so that everyone could pet Jam.  At this point he was very calm and collected and didn't jump at all.

Fred is showing Anna how soft Jam's ears are.  Jam is in a sit and Anna is patting his head.

He was able to do the meet and greets with aplomb.  Yea Jam!

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