Wednesday, July 11, 2012

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So You think You Can Dance?

Yesterday we brought Jam to Tom Yum Thai for lunch and he did a quick under down at the booth.  The Thai place is very calm, quiet and peaceful and except for the spicy peppers we add to everything, nothing much gets under our skin.  However, at this lunch we had a very unusual thing happen.

Jam, a yellow lab, faces out of the booth and is lying by my foot.
Jam faces out of the booth and is lying by my foot.
 At the booth next to us a mom and her daughter came out of the bathroom and went to sit in their booth.  Since the booths are against the wall and the bathroom is on the opposite side of the room, the little girl had a perfect view of Jam under the table.  As she approached she stared at Jam and then looked up at me and said in a very loud, happy voice, "Hello!"

I smiled and said hello back.  She seemed a harmless happy sort.  They sat in their booth and ordered.  We ordered.  All was seemingly right with the world until the girl finished her lunch.  Then she remembered Jam.

Under the table and dreaming.

What should she do?  Her mom was on the phone.  No one to talk to.  No one to play with.  And yet, there was that dog, wasn't there? The wheels were turning in her brain.  What should she do? What could she do?  What would her mother let her do?

She could dance!

It may be a bit hard to tell from this photo or the next, but for about five minutes, she proceeded to hop up and down and then went down try to peer at Jam and gauge his reaction.  She would pirouette.  Twirl.  Twist and turn.  Then bend down and gauge his reaction as if he were Nigel Lythgoe from "So, You Think You Can Dance" and He was going to give her a review.

If Jam did watch, it was from the corner of his eye.  He wasn't channeling Nigel.  He was channeling Simon Cowell.  He was not impressed.  He didn't like it.  He wasn't voting for her.

 "Restaurants are for sleeping and resting.  Not for making an exhibition of yourself!" (Now imagine Jam saying that with an English accent. 8-)

Oh my sweet little Jam. How we have grown up!  I would say he has this restaurant distraction thing down.

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