Thursday, June 20, 2013

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Coach and Jam share a dad (Jack), which makes them half brothers.  They also share those curly tails, although Jam's is much curlier than Coach's.  Coach does have it going on!

They are also both remarkably good looking pups.  Sweet-natured and fun loving.  They share toys, play together, and Willow likes them both.

Coach and Jam together.  Jam is on the left and Coach is on the right.
They are lying down and facing the camera.
You can't ask for better boys. It will be a sad day when we go back down to being a two dog house.


  1. What a great picture of the two of them! A while back, I saw a picture of Jam on SEGD Facebook page, and I knew it because of that tail ;-) Are they full labs?

    1. Hannah, Jam is a full lab, but Coach is a goldadore: 1/4 golden and 3/4 lab, which seems to be the mix they are striving for at Southeastern at the moment. 8-)