Wednesday, June 26, 2013

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Summer Activities: Walking, Napping, Posing, Eating and Playing Frisbee

 This summer we aren't going on vacation.  We are having a staycation. Taking it easy at the house and relaxing at home.  That means lots of organizing of closets and drawers.
Michele is holding Coach on her right and Andros on her left.
Both dogs are sitting with their tongues hanging out.

I've signed up for a half marathon and will be walking with the Southeastern Guide Dog team.  In fact, the photo above shows Michele and Andros and Coach on our Sunday 3-mile walk in preparation for it.  They can only accompany us on the beginnings of the training as it is long and hot.  If you are interested in joining our team, sign up as an individual and then choose the Southeastern Guide Dog Team.  You will need to let me know that you have joined as we will be getting t-shirts!

Coach is drinking out of a collapsable water dish on the trail.

Of course, we walked early in the morning when it was cooler and we brought lots of water for both the pups and the humans.

Closeup of Jam napping on the floor.  Sun is shining in through the french doors.

One of my other summer projects is to learn photography.  I have a new camera and my goal is to create better photos for the blog and just to learn how to use the camera better.  I am going to a photography bootcamp on Sunday, so I should be better on Monday!!

Close-up of Jam looking down.

As it stands now, I am taking lots of dog portraits.  I'm not sure the Florida Center for Creative Photography quite had that in mind when they let me RSVP to the 10 day photo challenge, although I did warn them it might be 10 days of dog photos!

Portrait of Coach laughing with greenery in the background.

After all, my dogs are super cute! And so photogenic. 

Fred sitting at an outside table with Coach on the far left and Jam in the back in-between him and Coach.

We are also doing a lot of eating out on our summer staycation.  Here Fred is with Jam and Coach at Casa Tina's on the porch.  The boys are very good out and about together.  

Portrait of Willow looking left and smiling.
And we can't forget our leading lady at home: Willow.  She only lights up this way when the frisbee comes out or there is a piece of bread being offered to her.  She's a silly girl, but we love her.  Mostly she holds herself above the fray.

Here's hoping  your summer is delightful and productive!


  1. Whew, you guys have fun on the staycation, now about them photos, how can you go wrong when to take pics of us puppers!

    The Mad Scots

    1. I know! You guys are sooooo cute.