Tuesday, June 18, 2013

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Dinner Time

One of the things we were told at the puppy conference was that our puppies should be well mannered at dinner time.  In other words, they should know which bowl is their bowl and they shouldn't try to go over to another dog's bowl and try and push them out of the way and take their food.

We feed all of our dogs together.  They all do a down stay and then release them and they jump forward to their bowls.  They each know where their bowl is.

They also learn that they are not allowed to mess with each other's food.  It's not polite.  Coach is the fastest eater.  So, he has learned that he needs to walk away and sit down by us.  Then when everyone is finished, he can go back and lick out the bowls.  Then we put all the bowls away until the next meal.

Jam is a little more sneaky.  Willow is perfection.  What else did you expect?  I took a little video.

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