Wednesday, June 12, 2013

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Six Shooters

Today marks the start of the In For Training countdown.  Tomorrow marks 38 days in which we will be taking our sweet boy back to Southeastern Guide Dogs to Guide Dog U to become a full-fledged Guide Dog.  To find his destiny.  

But until that time, there are things to do, places to go, boxes to check.  One of those boxes that we had to check was the vet box.  

Jam and Coach are on the tile and looking up at the camera in the vet's waiting room.

Coach needed to have a Bordatella vaccine, and he also needed to get his rabies vaccine, a letpo shot and an influenza shot.  Well, he happened to have a little hot spot (pododermatitis, for those of you in the know) on his left front paw, which necessitated another shot and by the time we were through, he was up to SIX shots!

Jam looks away from the camera rather pensively.

Jam was there for his first annual visit with Dr. Woodman, Animal Hospital of Northwood, who would now be his regular vet.  Dr. Don J. Woodman, who not only donates vet services to Southeastern, but is a puppy raiser with his family, was going to get the details about Jam's trachea weirdness and let us know what the medical plan was going to be (other than don't walk him in the heat and keep him nice and trim).

Shot of Dr. Woodman giving Coach a shot in the booty while Coach is being held
by Dr. Woodman's assistant.Coach is wondering how many shots this is...

Meanwhile, back in the bootie area, Dr. Woodman had to give poor little Coach 6 injections.  Coach took it really well.

Close-up of Coach's nose with his face blurred in the background.

There was no crying.  No howling.  No whimpering.

Close-up of the spent syringes, all 6 of them on the metal table.

I would have whined a little.  At least until I got a cookie.  

They both got a cookie.  You can always count on a cookie at Dr. Woodman's.  

Day 39 was a successful day.


  1. OMD, six, let the yelling begin, one is bad enough, the big guy sure did take in well, Good for you Coach, now how about a dump truck full of your favorite treat!

    The Mad Scots

    1. Heheh.And you just had a big photo of your butt, too! Be careful! They might take you to the vet and get you some shots! 8-)

  2. Enjoy this last month with Coach. When will you get a new puppy?

    1. Ashley,

      We are scheduled to get a new puppy the week of August 5th. He will be named Dewey, but we don't have any other details. Stay tuned!! We will fill in with stories about Jam and Willow until the new baby arrives. 8-)