Saturday, June 8, 2013

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Coach's Last Day of School

Coach had his last day of school on Wednesday.  It was a normal day, except there weren't any children in attendance.

He came in, got into the man cave and began chewing on his toy.

I had plenty of work to do to get ready to leave for the summer.  So, he had plenty of time to chew away.  Before you knew it, it was time for the end of the year photos:

Here is Christina sitting with Coach in her lap.

Here are Jan and Christina with Coach in a full laugh sitting in front of them.

Here is Coach, posing in front of some book shelves for me.

Here's another one of serious Coach, posing in front of bookshelves.

When we got home, I stopped the car and asked him what he thought about the day, but he wouldn't pay attention.  He kept looking out the windshield as if there were something out there that was capturing his attention.

A photo of Jam who standing up and staring out the side window and can be seen out of the front car windshield.
A closer look by me found that Jam had run to the window and was looking out at us.  Curious, too, as to what Coach's day had been like.

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