Friday, August 6, 2010

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Berkeley Loves Mad Men

By Fred
We got a new DVD player. So while I was playing with the new settings and changing the wiring, I noticed that Berkeley was very interested. She is crazy about me, of course, but she doesn't normally just sit and stare like I was made out of sausage.

I moved back a little to see the screen and realized it wasn't me after all--Berkeley was fascinated by the opening of Mad Men, which I'd been playing over and over. She had never shown any interest in the TV before, much less Mad Men, which is not the kind of show that most puppies would like anyway.

OK, but what were the chances she would do it again, and do it when I can trick Cheryl into thinking that I'm exaggerating or just saying something stupid (which I almost never do).

That night Cheryl and I were in the living room and I said "Berkeley loves Mad Men."

Cheryl squinted at me.

"I'm not kidding," I said. "Get your camera ready to take a video. She will go nuts when it comes on."

"Mmm-hum," Cheryl said.

Video Narration: The opening credits of Mad Men show on the screen, with cool music and a stylized animation of men, women and buildings. Berkeley sits transfixed, tail wagging, and watches until the music dies away. Does she like the music or the video most?