Sunday, August 1, 2010

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Pulling a Paris

Sure, she looks calm and innocent. Her Royal Highness (HRH) Berkeley is a good one for appearances, fooling you with the look of calm, aloofness.

Recently, my nephew visited us and we all went down to Clearwater Beach. HRH had been before, so all of this was old hat to her. The sand, ho hum. No puppy butt tucking for her. Too undignified. She walked. No biting of the sand, as Bingo did. She sniffed, a bit haughtily, I might add.

The next day, we went to Sarasota. Land of the stately homes and big attitudes. Unfortunately, HRH picked up an attitude and tried it on for size. First we stopped at Selby Botanical Gardens where we tested her noise sensitivity with a Japanese Temple Bell.

I think she did great. Of course, the sound was delightful. We did see a big group of ducks by the koi pond and I did say to Fred, "Oh, she's never experience ducks." Whereupon, he gave me an incredulous look and shook his head. At that I looked at the ducks again standing unsuspecting by the pond, calm and unaware of the potential hazard only yards away. HRH glanced up at me.


"We're turning down this other path. Away from the ducks." Fred was still shaking his head.

The attitude came when we got to the Ringling Museum. We were in the museum and had been walking along just fine. I was still on pee-saster lookout and had her sitting beside me at a bench. Tom came along and wanted to get a photo of HRH. He bent down to get her photo when all of a sudden:


Just like that she pulled a Paris Hilton! She barked a little paparazzi bark. "Don't you take my photo, you small little photographer man! Back away from my fabulousness!" See her open mouth? That's the tail end of the paparazzi bark. It was something! It was Fierce.

Don't try that at home little girl.

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