Saturday, August 28, 2010

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Bingo's First Report Card

By Fred
After two months of waiting we finally got some news about Bingo--an actual report card of his progress in the training program at SEGD, and not just any report card but one with some ++ marks (exceeding expectations). I almost passed out.

And for us, every line on the card brings back a different memory:
Accepts harness: I still remember the first time we put on his little blue coat. It covered him completely--even hung off the back a little. But he never fussed with it.
Forward: No surprise that he would excel at going forward.

So many memories that it hurts. He is, can be, such a good boy, and we really miss him.

Sure, there are some Working On categories. Like any freshman away at school he gets distracted easily, but time will cure that (won't it?). If anyone can bring him around, we know the trainers at SEGD can. And the final comments on the card seem positive: "...everyday it seems like he is getting more responsible".

At least now we have some hope. Good job, Bingo! Send us a letter or something, OK? A photo would be nice...
A picture of his report card. He also got a high mark for Clearances.  He got good marks for Right, Left, Up Curb, Down Curb, but he still needs to work on stairs, scent distractions, people distractions. At the bottom it says: We are working on Bingo's urge to socialize with other dogs and people. He has quite the sniffer on him during routes but everyday it seems like he is getting more responsible with his new duties as guide dog in training.


  1. Yay! That is a fabulous first report card. I told you Bingo would do great! If Bingo learns to write tell him to show Rocky how to send a letter home too! Keep up to good work Bingo!

  2. Wow! It looks like Bingo is doing great!