Wednesday, August 25, 2010

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HRH Berkeley Is in the St. Pete Times!

Times writer Shelley Rossetter came by yesterday to interview me and the students who went with me and Fred to pick Her Royal Highness (HRH) Berkeley up from Southeastern Guide Dogs (SEGD) on July 1st. She also attended the all school convo with us (HRH's first). Afterwards she sat down with us all and asked the kids some questions.

I watched her write pages and pages of notes and ask question after question. I thought, "How is she going to take all this material and condense it down? What is she keeping? What is she throwing out?"

She's a wonderful writer. Take a look and decide for yourself. Puppy Goes to Berkeley Prep to Learn How to Be a Guide Dog.


  1. Great piece Cheryl! Thank you for getting the word out about SEGD!

  2. Yes, she's a wonderful writer. I'm glad she didn't go on and on about me (your loving husband) because that really would have been embarrassing. :)