Wednesday, August 11, 2010

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A Quiet Day

A picture of willow sitting in a chair and gazing out the window
By Fred
Berkeley and Cheryl are back at school today, so Willow and I are relaxing in my office, back into our M-W-F regular routine. I'm sure Willow is enjoying the rest since Berkeley is fond of nipping at her lately--puppy fun, but sometimes it gets on Willow's nerves. So today I'm giving Willow some extra attention, playing Frisbee with her (in the rain), giving her treats, trying to make up for bringing yet another puppy into the house.

A picture of Berkeley staring at an ice cube that she finally convinced to stay still
We see Berkeley's personality emerging each day. She's less fearful, more confident, less likely to cry when we leave the room, more likely to pee outside than in.

A closeup of Berkeley face resting on Cheryl's foot.
Here she is on Cheryl's feet in the kitchen.

It's 1:30 pm and much too quiet here.

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