Wednesday, August 11, 2010

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HRH Berkeley's First Two Days at School

Her Royal Highness Berkeley is an underfoot dog. She likes to be underfoot as it were. If I am cooking, she will wrap the leash around my ankle and then curl up on my feet as the photo below shows.

A closeup of Berkeley's face resting on my foot.

At school, this manifests itself in her curling around my chair and then sticking her nose through and resting it either against my foot or on my foot as in the following photo.

Today, she got into a bit of trouble though, under the desk. Jan was watching her while I went to a meeting and HRH went to town on Jan's phone cord.

No phone service for Jan anymore! Fortunately, Fred has extra cords at home. HRH also found some loose siding on the cabinets (Good investigative work! I'm pretty sure this was really already loose. At least that's my story and I'm sticking with it. 8-) Glue repair has already been done.)

What seemed to be slightly timid behavior on Monday morning, got a wee bit better on Wed. morning. And when Eddie and Rob saw us arriving this morning and came running to meet meet her Highness, she immediately sat down.

Good Girl! I have some hope for the school year. Phone cords, aside. 8-)

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  1. How adorable...not the cord chewing, but the underfoot part. She's getting so big already!