Tuesday, September 28, 2010

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Bad Puppy Raiser

With a good night's sleep comes a clear head and with a clear head comes clear vision. With clear vision I can see all the things I did wrong yesterday, especially on that short little video.

First, when you give a command and your dog doesn't do it, you should correct them, then gently move them into position. I just said the command again. And again. Although softly. I plead lateness of the day and diva fatigue.

The barking however, confounds me. I give the No Noise correction and that usually spurs her to more barking. Holding her muzzle is no good as that is negative reinforcement and she likes it. Her tail wags. We had to stop doing that. We tried the lemon idea. Most of you saw the video on how that went. Last week we had to leave convocation due to barking. I did give her a No Noise and a leash correction, which resulted in more barking. After three barks we left. The water has been an effective deterrent up until yesterday.

We did promise to show the good and the bad. I wish Fred had been bad and not me! 8-)


  1. For barking I find ignoring the behavior is the best way, as they normally are barking for you attention. And if you give it in the form, of "punishments" (in our mind) the dog see OH they are looking at me, they are talking to me, perhaps they will let me out!?

    Pompei also is a barker,once he's crated, I do not even go in the same room, and if I do, the last thing I do is touch or talk to him.

    He did bark at me a couple of times during class, when he was a puppy, but I immediately turned my back on him, until he was sitting quietly. Then we rewarded him with treats etc..

  2. You are not a bad puppy raiser if you learn from your mistakes. Thats the only way you become a better one!