Thursday, September 2, 2010

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The Diva

By Fred
Berkeley and I had a nice lunch today at the beach. But first we walked down to the water's edge and she pranced along with her head held high, just like the polished media star she has become, raising comments from the sun-bathers along the way: what a pretty dog, what a good dog, etc.

I guess we need to find some sunglasses for her. She's had another newspaper interview and soon will be on TV with Cheryl and some of the Berkeley (the school, not the dog) kids. Stay tuned.

But has this attention gone to her head? Just the opposite. We've noticed a real change in her at home. She's more calm, less sassy. Even Willow has warmed up to her (a little). This video is from a few days ago.

Video Narration: Like usual, Berkeley is teasing Willow but this time Willow takes the bait and chases after her. Berkeley circles and runs. Then Willow runs away to be the chased one. Finally!

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  1. Wow, it seems like she has grown so much in these last few posts and what the little celebrity we have here being in the newspaper and television appearance.

    She sounds like my pup Halette prancing with her head held high.