Thursday, September 30, 2010

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Berkeley's Bird

By Fred
In this video Berkeley keeps her cool as a pigeon waddles within inches of her. We were having lunch on Frenchy's outdoor patio, where the pigeons wander around like senior citizens at a Las Vegas buffet. This one doesn't know how close she came to being Berkeley's lunch.

Berkeley is sitting under the table, facing out, and she raises her head (but stays down) as the pigeon stumbles by. How have these birds survived over the years?


  1. Wow!!! That's awesome! Good job Berkeley
    Ellie would love to have had a squeak toy while relaxing under the table...

  2. Wow we're impressed. I know a certain yellow doggy who would be dragging a table and chairs with him as he streaked for the exits. Buut we shall name no names. :))