Sunday, September 5, 2010

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Her Royal Highness Is Presented to the Lower Division

On Friday of first week of school, I presented Her Royal Highness (HRH) Berkeley to the Lower Division (see photo above). I first walked in with her and then picked her up (there were parent complaints last year that their kids couldn't see Bingo, because he was on the floor and their child was at the back of the room sitting. Sigh. So, you will see what we did to try to try to ward off those complaints this time.)
I showed them the video first. It was cute. They all started singing the words to Train's "Soul Sister" song. 8-). They liked the Lemon video clip. Then instead of telling them the rules, I wanted them to tell me what they remembered, because I had a feeling that they remembered everything.

When the St. Pete Times reporter was here on Wed. HRH was in the hallway and a LD class walked by. I had HRH sit down as they passed by. Every child was completely silent and did not make one attempt to get her attention or try to call her Bingo. They were Fabulous! So the first thing I did after the video, was ask which class passed us on Wed.

Long pause. No hands were raised.

"Come on. A class passed us by. You were perfect. You did all the right things! You remembered all the rules. Which class walked by us on Wed.?" Slowly a few hands went in the air, then a few more. "Everyone, let's give them the library clap for being so smart and remembering all the rules!" Everyone raised both hands and waved them in the air violently.

Then I asked them if they remembered what item of Harry Potter's was HRH's blue coat similar to? 50 hands shot up in the air. I was looking for one boy in particular, but couldn't find him in the sea of faces. So I chose a little girl who seemed to be vibrating with the answer:

"It is the same as Harry Potter's cloak of invisibility, which means that you can't see her when she has it on, which means that you can't call her name or act like you notice her." She took a deep breath. Good. She didn't pass out.

"Excellent answer! That's exactly right." Well, it went on like this with Lower divisioners getting it EXACTLY right all the time. That means that the ONE time I presented the rules to them, they MEMORIZED them and they STAYED memorized for an ENTIRE YEAR. They even remembered the specific question I wanted them to ask when she was out of coat: "Is this a good time?" I find that pretty impressive.

HRH, not so much. She just wanted off the darn cart.

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