Tuesday, September 21, 2010

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A Less Glamorous Life

By Fred
During our trip to Florence, Cheryl and I visited the small room where the priest Savonarola lived over 500 years ago, a room just big enough for a bed, desk and chair. If he did have a dog (which I doubt because he was book-burner and not a very nice person), that poor dog would have spent countless hours alone on a cold stone floor. While art and architecture was in full bloom Savonarola sat in his cramped room, too self-involved to even acknowledge that poor dog (if he did have a dog).

Those of use who work behind a desk and live quiet lives need to stay on the alert so that we do not become Savonarolas (and eventually get burned at the stake). Our dogs can't see (and don't care) what we are typing or what problems we are solving in our heads. We need to keep them in mind with an occasional scratch behind the ear and a "good girl" and a soft blanket and, of course, we need to take frequent breaks and some walks on the beach.

The guide dog puppies, in particular, need to be prepared for a future partnership, possibly with someone who might live a similar, quiet life. Berkeley gets a good variety of experience: she's a rock star some days; other days are less glamorous.
A picture of Berkeley enjoying a quiet walk on the beach, looking over her shoulder at the water.

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