Tuesday, August 21, 2012

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Kong Wobbler in Action!

Coach, our Southeastern Guide Dog puppy, is unfortunately cursed with a car phobia that has him unwilling to get into cars because he gets carsick.  This anxiety manifests itself with drool and an unwillingness to get near the car.

However, happily, labradors are food lovers and we started to work on Coach and this car problem by feeding him his meals in the car.  But that wasn't enough.  It didn't help for short trips or for errands during the day.  But we finally came up with the perfect plan: the Kong Wobbler.  That is the enrichment toy that Kong has created to keep a dog interested in playing to get his kibble out of a tiny hole in the Kong.


In fact, he will willingly approach the car.  He will willingly get into the car.  This willingness is HUGE!! Of course it means that EVERY breakfast he gets is on the road.  Every dinner.  Every meal.  His meals are a bit smaller because we are giving him some of the food during the day as a snack to get him to go to an outing.

So, here is a video of Coach having fun getting his snack on. And FYI, I was in the parking lot when I took the video. 8-)


  1. Aah the power of counter conditioning. :)

  2. I really wish our dogs liked the Kong wobbler that much :) Unfortunately, they just play with it half-heartedly and once it gets stuck under something, they give up on it right away. they seem to like the treat balls a little more though.

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