Wednesday, September 19, 2012

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Coach and the Car: Not Braking, but Not Speeding Either

Last Friday Coach and I were walking out to the car and we happened to meet Sara, Paula and Jyl in the parking lot.  As we all were talking and walking to our cars, Coach had gotten sight of his car and had begun the process of letting me know that he was not happy about getting in the car.

Step 1. Let Your Puppy Raiser Know You Don't Like What Is Coming Up.

At the back of the car, usually about the back wheels, Coach will put on the brakes.

Usually, this is accompanied with his pig look, as in "I am not  budging from this spot!"  Of course, when he did this, the ladies all said "Oh what is this?" and I had to explain that he didn't like cars and we were working on his overcoming his car aversion.  

Step 2. Start Walking as Slowly as Possible

They all nodded and stayed where they were, staring at the stubborn Coach. Oh.  We were going to have an audience. This would be embarrassing. The next stage of the process consists of me being a cheerleader and getting Coach as close as possible to the car and not letting him back up.  Always moving forward is the thought.

So I start by opening the passenger side door as wide as possible, so he can see his toy and that there will be a treat there soon.

Coach takes a step forward. "Yay!  Good boy!" I reel in the leash.  

Coach gives me the pig eye.  He walks another step closer to the car, "What a good boy! Yea Coach!" If only I had some pom poms.  Perhaps that would make him jump in faster. Sara, Paula and Jyl start to join in, "Go Coach! Good boy!"  

Coach is gaining some momentum.  Three steps.  More cheering. I tap the floorboard.  "Car in. Coach.  Car in."  

Step 3. Make Your Puppy Raiser Really Work For It

He's at the door peering in as if the floor is covered with snakes and I am asking him to leap in and make nice with the reptiles.  The girls are still cheering faintly for Coach.  I'm repeating "car in" and patting the floor board.  Coach gives a small sigh and lifts his front leg.  He turns to look at the ladies saying his name and puts his other front let in the car.  With a small jump, he is in.   

There is massive applause.  Cheering by all for Coach.

Just like McKayla Maroney and her tumblr, Coach is not impressed.

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