Saturday, September 15, 2012

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Lions, Freshmen and Break Sales

Friday was a super busy day for Coach and me.  I taught 5 classes and we had a student library proctor (SLPs) break sale.  The SLPs are hoping to raise enough money to name a puppy next year!  We made almost $200 dollars with this break sale. Woot! Coach's walkathon page will be going up very soon and all proceeds to it will be added to the SLPs naming effort.  Stay tuned for the link. 8-)

We had a huge amount of donuts and some bagels for the break sale. Raichell and  Carly helped set up.
We had a huge amount of donuts and some bagels for the break sale. Raichell and  Carly helped set up. 
 Coach and I couldn't stay for much of the sale as I needed to get the Straz classroom set up for my freshman seminar class and it is quite a hike over to it!

Coach gets some head pats by Kimberly after class.
Coach gets some head pats by Kimberly after class.

Those classes went really well.  We talked about how to be better Google searchers and also about the dangers of emotional posts on twitter (or facebook for that matter). Think before you post. Here is one of my advisees with Coach after class.

I had also signed up to go to the Palm Harbor Lion's White Cane fundraiser at Publix on Saturday at Alderman and 19.  Originally I was supposed to go at 10.  Gail, a yellow goldadore was going at 9 and Ava a cute 8 week old black lab was coming at 11.  I can be shy and reticent at things like this and I really prefer to go to them knowing that people I know are going to be there, hence my sneaky plan to be there at 10 in between Ava and Gail.  Well, yesterday, Gail had surgery to remove a cyst (all is well, but she is in the cone of shame and can't go out in public).  So, Gail couldn't make her 9 curtain call.  Time for Coach to step up.

Crickets chirping on the email line.

I reread the email.  Poo.  I typed in my response: "Coach and I will go at 9."  EEEK.  Go to an event, where I know no one and spend two hours not only talking to them, but asking people for money.  Could I possibly do anything I like worse?  Maybe I would have a cold on Saturday.

No such luck.  I woke feeling great.  Coach was feeling great and despite my heavy heart, we got in the car and we drove to the publix.  When I stepped out of the car, I thought, "Put your big girl panties on and suck it up."

Coach with two of the Palm Harbor Lion's Club members.
Coach with two of the Palm Harbor Lion's Club members.

It is amazing what having a cute dog with you can do.  I do believe the Lion's would have been kind and nice to anyone, but they were SO excited that one of the guide dogs in training had been able to make it out to their event that I felt like a million bucks.  And then when we got set up, I could see the difference having Coach there meant to their event.  

People who would have just walked by stopped and asked about Coach, then gave money.  People who might not have given money smiled at the dog and then thought about it while grocery shopping and came out and asked to pet him and donated.  We had kids coming up and putting money in the basket.  And through it all Coach played like a champion.  He was calm and sweet and EVERYONE was amazed at his sweet temperament.  And the Lion's that I worked with were delightful.  I had such a wonderful morning.  What I thought was going to be a chore, turned into something very fun.

Although, I did have a little bet going with the Lion's club president.  I wanted him to count the money that Coach brought in and then count the money that Ava (the 8 week old puppy) brought in.  I'm betting Ava brought in more money. I love my Coach, but a younger, good looking girl will bring in the bucks every time!

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