Sunday, September 23, 2012

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Off the Wall Comments

Bathroom Habits

So, during AP US History, one of the junior boys raises his hand and asks, not for help finding a monograph or in determining whether a website is credible, but asks me: "I know this is off topic, but where does Coach go to the bathroom?"


Well, I paused for a moment.  Then I pointed to the grass outside at the south of the library and the grass  to the north.  "He goes out there and there. And he also goes over in the pine straw by the Dimmitt Gym."

"OK."  He nodded and went back to work.

Change of Color

Earlier in the week I had a freshman class that was called for lightening, meaning that only three students showed up because the rest were being held on the other side of campus.  The four of us were having a great time talking about books and Coach.  Then Rachel, out of the blue said, "I love Coach best of all.  Sometimes I want him to have a pink coat so that only I can pet him."

Pink and black.  It is very fashionable.

Giant Balls in the Hallway

On another day when I arrived for class I happened to see giant balls in the hallway.  Now, it isn't every day that Coach gets an opportunity to interact with giant balls.  So, of course we had to run down and see what his reaction would be.

Coach went up and sniffed them.  Then he poked one a bit with his nose and it moved, but it didn't startle him.  He glanced up at me as if to say, "Yeah, it's a giant ball.  So what?"

Some days you just don't know what school will throw at you!  

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