Saturday, September 1, 2012

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By Fred
We knew it was a long-shot, but still it was disappointing to hear last night that Jam, our former Southeastern Guide dog puppy, will not be a breeder.

Photo of Jam smiling and looking up at the camera!
Photo of Jam smiling and looking up at the camera!

Yes, we were sad because you will never find a dog or a creature of any description, of any size or temperament, whether on land or in the sea, more suited for a career as a procreator. Jam is graceful in all his movements. He runs like an Olympic gymnast. He walks like a ballet dancer. And he humps--well, he is an artist at humping, nothing like your typical frantic yapping lap dog.

But style alone is not enough; a breeder must also have the right combination of genes and the right physical makeup. Maybe his history of joint pains knocked him out of the program.

Anyway, what a shame. As Cheryl put it, "all that humping for naught."


  1. Too bad there won't ever be a bunch of little Jam puppies running around. Hope he'll be better suited for guide dog work!

    1. that's our hope too. Keep your fingers crossed. He's a smartie. 8-)