Wednesday, May 15, 2013

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A Family of Weenies

We went to the Symphony Under the Stars event at Raymond James Stadium on Saturday night.  It was hosted by Raymond James Financial (Thank You Very Much!!!) and there were lots of puppy raisers there who were enjoying the presymphony tailgating party that we set-up! We got there at 4:30 and had lots of fun!  

The actual symphony started with kids singing, etc. at 6, so our tailgate ended at about a quarter to 6 and we started in toward to the stadium and found great seats at the back.  We had most of the back of the stadium to ourselves!  Since it was an overcast day, it was wonderful.

Coach and Bo chew on the pirate mascot's sword.

The Bucs mascot came by and played with Coach and Bo.  He mistakenly laid down his stuffed sword and Coach and Bo immediately tried to take it away from him.  Fortunately, he wasn't much of a fierce pirate.  He was kind of a cuddly pirate. They weren't afraid of his costume at all.

Around 7:30 when the real orchestra started playing Nancy came by and said that there was a huge storm on the radar and that they were packing up their chairs and just sitting on their towels.  FYI.

I looked at Fred.  "We should pack up our chairs too."  Fred kind of rolled his eyes at me.  I'm easily motivated into action. "No, seriously.  I'm not sitting in a rainstorm."

"It's not raining." Then a raindrop fell.  I looked at him and raised an eyebrow a la Scarlett O'Hara.  

"It is now."

I turned to Melisa and Ed.  There were a few more raindrops.  "Are you coming?" I asked?  Melisa looked at Ed.  Ed, who is a big sailor, said he didn't think it would last.  So, Melisa said no.

Fred and I packed up in less than 30 seconds and were on our way. 

A crowd leaves the stadium, dark clouds in the background.
 As we were walking out, I took a photo of the rain clouds and caught Coach nervously looking back over his shoulder.
Coach, stopped and looking over his shoulder back at the rain clouds behind him.

I think he was glad to have left as well.

Did the rain last?  Were we weenies to have left so readily? How rude of you to suggest such of thing!  I'm ending this post with photos of dark rain clouds!!

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  1. It's OK, cause we would have been gone before the rain fell, DON"T LIKE THUNDER OR LIGHNTING!

    The Mad Scots