Sunday, May 5, 2013

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Rainy Day Weenie

The other day last week we had a big rainy day.  Now, Coach is a big boy.  He can be pretty macho.  Well, actually no.  He isn't.  He's sweet.  He's gentle.  He is not macho.  
Coach got very wet.  Here he is in the car with his muzzle covered in raindrops.
So he wasn't pleased to be walking to the car in the rain, but one of the things that we are supposed to do is give our Southeastern Guide Dog puppies different experiences.  So, walking in the rain is a good thing to do.  Walking through puddles is also a good thing to do.

When we arrived home, it was still raining and I opened the door for Coach to get out.  One of the things that Coach does really well is stay in the car until you tell him car out.  However, you can tell by the look on his face that he is giving that puddle the stink eye.

Photo of a puddle with raindrops hitting it.
But he did jump out into the puddle on command.  I suppose that is tiny bit macho. 8-)


  1. Ohhhh, Coach, it will not hurt you, in fact it leads to some good hands on towel drying and rubbing. I am unique for a Scootie, cause I love water puddles, rain & baths, so you try to enjoy it also!


  2. Coach is not as brave as you Susie! He did do it, so I suppose he gets a gold star for effort! 8-)