Saturday, May 4, 2013

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Back at His Day Job: School Dog

I have been out of school for two weeks (my mom had open heart surgery (she came through it like a trooper and is doing great!)) and then I went straight to Baltimore for a library conference.  So it has been quite a hectic time for me.  Coach and Fred and Willow have been on their own with a very changed routine, which can be a little stressful.

But, last Monday, I was back and Coach started back to school.  He fell into his school routine quite well.  Monday I didn't have any research classes, but Tuesday we began the Health Cross Fire Debates!

Coach is in a down stay in front of students who are busy researching at the tables.

Our first couple of days, the students are doing research on the various topics they are assigned to debate.  On the third day, they will be watching a demo of the debate and will begin writing their speeches.

During free time, when Coach's coat is off, students can pet him and relieve some stress.
I think our students were glad to have him back as exams are approaching and he is a bit of a stress reliever for some kids.  After all, research has shown that that petting a dog (actually, just interaction with a dog!) will lower your cortisol levels and increase your endorphin levels.  So, goodbye stress and hello happiness (click on the link to read more!).  That's why school's like Emory, Harvard, Yale and our Berkeley Prep know the value of having a service dog on campus.
Coach gets comfortable at the all school congo.
I was really excited about Coach's stellar behavior at the all school convocation on Friday!  He slept through the concert band performance and several choral productions!  Woohoo!

Coach sleeps through the concert band performance.
Keep in mind how he acted at the ballet.  It wasn't good.  Now, we have a more mature Coach who can lie down and go to sleep and be comfortable through the whole performance.

Did we stay for the pipe and drum band's performance?  No.  I know he doesn't like the sound of the bagpipes and he wouldn't have been a good boy.  So, we left when they took the stage.  You have to know when to leave and make the event a success.

It was a good week for Southeastern Guide dog in training Coach!


  1. Boy Coach is really doing great, now a band and singing would have set me off. Bet he really like the attention, he sure seems happy!

    The Mad Scots

    1. Thanks guys! I think you would have like the pipe and drum band though. 8-)

  2. That is great, Coach! Sounds like you are doing so well! Dogs on campus ARE great! My sisters who are in college texted me this week extremely excited that they were bringing Therapy dogs in for Finals Week :-)

    1. I was surprised to find out that exam dogs were a thing. I wish they had had them when I was in college! 8-)