Saturday, May 11, 2013

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Coach Is a Love Machine

 Yes, Coach, our soon to be 14-month old Southeastern Guide Dog puppy in training, is a love machine.  As evidenced by the photo below.

Coach is nearly invisible as five freshmen pet him.  He is rolled over on his back so they can give him belly rubs.
 We were doing the annual research project in Health class, which involved several days of research and then several days of a crossfire like debate where two opponents met to debate various health topics like steroids in sports, creatine, and risky behavior like texting and driving, etc.If we had a couple of minutes left at the end of the debates, which were generally very stressful for the kids debating, I would take the coat off of Coach and let a few kids at a time come and pet him.

He had his regulars (seen above) who LOVE HIM!  He really seems to love them back and tended to just roll over for them and let them give him belly rubs.

Kathleen shares her office with lots of stuffed animals like Fozzy bear and some weird rat-like thing that Coach really wanted to take a bite out of.  They are shown sitting in a rocking chair with a sign that says "We love Coach!"  

On Friday, I visited our lower division librarian to get a schedule to bring Coach in to read to lower division and I was hoping for a very productive meeting, but was thwarted by her office mates (shown above!).  While Kathleen wouldn't admit it, I think Fozzy bear was doing a little dance trying to distract Coach.  Coach said as much on the way back to the office.  I really don't think it was an excuse!  And the little pack rat thing kept staring at him with his shiny eyes.  I guess he couldn't help his shiny eyes, but still.  It is rude to stare.

So, we did have to leave the meeting early.  On our way out, before I could get the coat on him, we were accosted by two lovely little lower division girls who asked to pet Coach.  I looked up and said, "Well, he has to sit first. And he hasn't been the best boy, so if he is bad, we'll have to stop."

Coach sat and then the one little girl said, "Oh! Coach is ADORABLE!"

Maybe that is why the pack rat was staring.


  1. Hi, Coach! We haven't met in person, but we love your blog, and hope you'll read ours, too! ROOOOOO!

    1. thank you, thank you! Maddie's bad habits have been transferred. Coach can now open a cooler. GRRRRRR.