Sunday, May 19, 2013

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Jam Is Home

By Fred
Jam is back home. We wanted him to be a guide dog or to have a career of some kind. We wanted this very much, but his health problems got in the way. So now he's home.

I wasn't sure what to expect--whether he'd get along with Coach, whether he'd be happy, whether he'd changed, whether he'd even remember us, but things are going very well. Coach adores his older brother (they have the same father and the same bushy tail and much of the same personality). Willow loves him but is not yet ready to commit (again).

Jam resting in his spot by my chair

I just saw Jam at the bottom of the stairs, looking up for me with concern in his eyes, these big dark eyes, even though he'd just seen me a few seconds earlier. He always had separation anxiety, even as a little puppy. Last year I worried that he'd have a rough time of it, emotionally, when he started school, but we've learned that he was loved by his trainer and that the school did everything they could during the past year to address his medical issues. He is still the same, sweet Jam, thanks to them.

Jam smiling

And yes, Jam remembered Cheryl.

A picture of Jam on Cheryl's lap


  1. Jam, I bet you are SO HAPPY to be back with CD and Fred! We hope to meet you sometime soon! Woof!

  2. He is a super happy boy! Coach is very happy too. 8-)