Wednesday, August 7, 2013

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Dewey Death Stare

We have two days at school under our belts. Two days to see how a year ahead is going to pan out.  How a little puppy is going shape my year. I have one word for you:

Library work is hard. Dewey is asleep on the carpet upstairs during weeding.


Dewey is curled up by my file cabinet sleeping by a Kong Wubba.

Dewey is a power napper, which is great.  But during our first lunch out, we discovered a darker side to our sweet boy:  Darth Dewey.

I hadn't encountered Darth Dewey before.  Who knew our sweet boy was so stubborn? Had such a commanding presence?  Little did I know that he wasn't afraid to put it out there for public consumption. Yes, DD is not afraid of acting out in public. 

It was our first day back and we were going to Cheesecake Factory for lunch.  Dewey had busied and we marched into reception and were seated at a booth.  A long dark booth, that to Dewey appeared house dragons or bears.

He balked.  

Across the aisle, two ladies were having lunch, "Oh! Look at the cute Southeastern Guide Dog puppy!" They were both staring at me expectantly.  Jan and Christina had already moved into the booth.  Dewey was sitting very upright and was giving me an intense direct stare.  It was the Dewey Death Stare.  An attempt at mind control "These are not the drones you want."

"Dewey, come." I tried to get him out of the aisle and under the table so that we could do a down stay. I wasn't going to attempt the turn command. 

Dewey: "This is not the dog you seek."

"Dewey. No."

Slight laughter emanates from table across the aisle.  

Dewey: "This is not the dog you seek."

Deep sigh. I turn him around, and slide him under the table. "Dewey, down." He slides into a down, surprised. Then, once down: naps. Mission accomplished.  I'll take it. He slept all through lunch.  Fabulous! Good dog.

However, I thought, lunch was long, I don't want a pee-saster.  So, I told Jan and Christina that I was walking straight out and would meet them outside.  Dewey woke up and we power walked past lots of admiring people and Ooohs and Aaahs to the front door.  Where we had to stop.  And sit.

So, we stopped.  And Dewey sat.  

There were two young ladies on the bench in reception and they were watching us.  They both said very admiring things like, "Oh wow! He's so cute! Look at him."

Dewey sat very upright. He was staring very intently at me. I started to have misgivings. I glanced over at the two ladies and they smiled big sunny smiles.  

I opened the door. 

"Let's go, Dewey!" I said in my most happy voice.

Dewey: "This is not the dog you seek."

Oh no. Air conditioning was blowing past me, whipping my hair and Dewey was growing roots into the cement.

I tried again. 




I picked him up.  At a certain point, you have to move out of the way. We will work on doors. He does not like them.

Darth Dewey.  You have met your match. This battle is far from over!

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  1. Darth Dewey, how funny, you will get there I was a mess when I came along and now I am one happy pupper and as Mom says one very stubborn Scottie girl!

    The Mad Scots