Tuesday, August 6, 2013

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Smart Bump

By Fred
When I was born my head was just as big as it is now, and it is freakishly large now. This must have been a surprise for my mom. In one of my baby pictures (below) I'm wearing a cap, probably a very large man's cap, and it barely covers my melon head.

So it is with a certain sensitivity and understanding that I discuss Dewey's condition. He has a pronounced occipital bone, also known as a smart bump, on the top of his head, something that is fairly common for Labs and Goldens. All dogs have this bump, but maybe it is Dewey's droopy ears that causes the bump to stick up.

The bumps are not a cause for alarm--in time he will grow into his head. With me the extra head room did not come with any extra intelligence, but we have hopes for Dewey.

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