Wednesday, August 21, 2013

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Dewey's Big Day:The Evil Pink Back Pack, All School Convo and Dealing with the Dean!

Today was the first day that Dewey was at school and all the students were at school.  I was a little nervous and wanted to make sure that Dewey wasn't overwhelmed.  I wanted to ease him into school life.

We started with breakfast in the new cafe.  While we were there, we ran into Dean Caroline, who said Dewey was running very close to the edge of the booty line with his puppy coat.  She gave him a warning. (Note: we had tried the adult coat, but it is still too big! Two more weeks Dean, we promise! 8-)

Dean Caroline gives Dewey a dress code warning.
After escaping with a warning, we got our coffee and fruit and Dewey thought about what he would need to do now that he was an Upper Division dog.  There were "expectations," Dean Caroline had said.  What about that?  What's a puppy to do?

Dewey contemplates being in the Upper Division as faculty sip coffee around him in the cafe.
Later that morning, Dewey found out that Upper Division was going to come with some challenges.  As we were walking back to the library, there were two Upper Division students studying in the arboretum.  One of them had a bright pink backpack.  Dewey stopped short.

Bright pink! How horrifying!

Dewey wouldn't go any closer.  I looked around trying to figure out what was the matter and finally caught sight of the backpack.  I made a wide circle around the girls.  Dewey reluctantly followed with his tail tucked.  When we were directly opposite, I started to go toward the backpack.  Dewey's tail was wagging low, and he was looking up at me.  I crouched down and approached the backpack.  

"Dewey.  Take a look at this." I tapped the back pack. Dewey approached the backpack, his tail slowly wagging. I tapped it again. He came a bit closer.  As he did, he also began to realize that there might be food in the backpack.  He sped up and started nosing the bag.  The student laughed.  "That's my lunch!" She said.  

Dewey and I walked away and walked back to the backpack, no problem! Then when I took the photo, he didn't want to leave the backpack and the hidden lunch inside.  

Photo of Dewey's Faculty ID badge.
Dewey also got his faculty ID badge today.  Everyone who comes on campus needs to wear an ID badge and that includes Dewey.

Dewey at the all school convo.
We also attended the all school convo held near the end of the day.  We sat near the exit just in case Dewey didn't like it so that we could make a quick exit. But he did great.

Dewey was resting and relaxed.
 We had everyone clapping, singing and cheering.  Dewey mainly slept or relaxed on the floor.

The seniors and the kindergartners with balloons.

Dewey sat in his most relaxed pose: the frog, to cool off on the wood gym floor.

 Then we walked back to the library.  He was awesome.  Now, he is off to a short puppy camp with Duke and Melisa!  We'll miss our little Baby Dewey!!


  1. He has to go to camp already! He just started school!

  2. Camp, we haven't been around long enough to get use to it all, and now it's off to camp. See you later Dewey!

    The Mad Scots