Tuesday, August 13, 2013

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Mucho Gusto, Señor Dewey

By Fred
Dewey and I made our first visit to Casa Tina, a very dog-friendly restaurant in Dunedin. Today was the first day of our soon-to-be normal routine, walking up and down Main Street, waiting at the traffic lights and crossing from one side to another.

By the time we get to the restaurant, the puppy is usually tired, and I can eat my lunch in peace. At this age (Dewey's age, not mine), I can hear the whispers from the other tables about what a good little puppy and so on, and I allow myself to feel proud of him, because why not?

A picture of Dewey with his coat. He doesn't want to leave.

Dewey can be so incredibly good and comfortable. He rolls up into a perfectly relaxed little ball, with no awareness of the world, even in a restaurant like this with smells and bits of food on the floor, there he was under the table in perfect shavasana. Considering some of Cheryl's stories about Dewey at school, I wondered if he would want to leave when the time came.

But he did get up. Slowly. And we made our way to the exit. And then he just stopped and sat down a few feet from the door. It was soon clear that he did not intend to be coaxed, happy-voiced, tempted, bribed, nudged, or intimidated to move from that spot. I put a treat on the floor--nothing. A little girl happened to be at the door and she called to him in a sweet little voice, puppy, puppy, here puppy, but he didn't care, not even a little. And he has this look on his face...

So I picked him up and walked out.


  1. Has Dewey been taking Scottie lessons, Thats what we do, don't move if we don't want to, no matter what! But we bet he gets it down soon!

    The Mad Scots

  2. Did you try taking him back in and mixing things up? Sometimes that works. What a laid back little guy! He sounds super sweet.

    1. We think it might be a hot pavement thing. We are also going to try and change the route up as well. Come at the door a different way. He's really smart. We are going to try and trick him into not realizing we are leaving the air-conditioning!! 8-)