Friday, August 2, 2013

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Posing as a Puppy

By Fred

A picture of Dewey waking from a nap,
his face snuggled into a towel.
Dewey has almond eyes that light up whenever a surge of happiness hits him, which is every five seconds or so. He has very good house manners, a perfect disposition, perfect to the point that I almost suspect he's not a puppy at all but some sort of human shape-shifter pretending to be a puppy, some graduate student making money for the summer, maybe.

But this phase of puppy goodness and light is temporary, as we know from experience. He will be growing up fast. Too bad for Cheryl, who is not here this week--she's missing the fun part.

For example, yesterday on a walk Dewey and I came upon a neighbor lady walking her pit bull. But Dewey couldn't have cared less about them. He just walked along with his head up, not struggling to get closer to (or away from) the big dog, not sniffing and scouring the ground for every little scent, not listening to that puppy head-banger music in his head (the music that's turned up so loud they can't hear a word you say). For now Dewey is a joy to walk--of course, the treats help quite a bit.

Dewey and Jam looking up and laughing for no reason
Dewey has the tip of Jam's tail in his mouth
Willow and Dewey are getting along. I don't have any pictures of Willow here because she doesn't like to be posed. When I point the iPhone at her she glares at me and turns around or just stares at the ground as says Arghhhh.

But Jam loves the camera and he seems to love Dewey.

Jam has become more affectionate in general. He misses Cheryl and often goes to the window to look for her car, which is parked in its usual place, so where the heck is she? I shrug my shoulders because the truth (that she's taking a crochet class in California) would be too strange a notion for Jam (or any dog) to process.

So I look out the window with him, and we sigh.

I've staged photos before, but this one happened for real,
with no encouragement from me. Jam is using Dewey as a pillow

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