Monday, August 19, 2013

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One Stubborn Boy!

Dewey's litter has a special problem.  They are a soft litter.  Some of them are a bit anxious. Some are a bit fearful.  Some might be a bit visually overwhelmed.  We know for sure that Dewey is very sensitive and all it takes is one firm NO and he is pretty much with the program.

What we haven't quite been able to figure out is where Dewey is on the spectrum of softness.

I'm leaning towards stubborness. Let me explain.  Last week, I was walking out to my car with Dewey.   We have assigned parking.  So, by the second week, he knows where we park and what the route is.  As we started across the second median and into the shaded path, we made it halfway across when Dewey sat down.

"Dewey?" I looked back to see him in his FOREVER sit. He was looking firmly rooted to the ground. I put on my happy voice. "Let's go!" I gave a little tug on the leash.

No way! He was not moving.

At this point, Laura was walking out of her office and spied us having a leash disagreement in the brush.

"Is this Darth Dewey?" She asked.

"Oh my yes." I replied.  She watched and laughed as he denied all of my attempts to get him to walk.  I tried treats, I tried more happiness.  I nearly burst with joy, but to no avail.  He would not move.

Then I remember that I had not parked in my usual spot.  Someone was in my spot and I had to park in a visitor's spot.  So I looked at Dewey and said, "Left, left."

I started walking away from where we usually walk and Dewey followed me like a meek little lamb!

Success!!!  I had found the key.  Trick him.  Now, I just had to park in a different spot every day or take a new route to the car and trick him into thinking we weren't going to the car.

He's also very cautious, which is exemplified in his reaction to the full length mirror in the ladies' bathroom.  Every other puppy we have had, has gone crazy mad, when they see themselves in the mirror.  This madness usually involves barking, zoomies, possibly some jumping up.

Dewey saw himself and said, "Oh.  There's another dog."  He went up to the mirror to get another look and it freaked him out a bit so, he decided to get some distance from the mirror dog.

He sat down and stared at the mirror dog for a while.  Then he scooted back a foot or so.  I went up to the glass and tapped it.  

"Do you want to meet the doggy?" I asked him.

He thought about it some more, then he got up and with a happy tail, held high, he walked up to the mirror and touched noses with the mirror dog.

 He's stubborn.  But he's also smart, thoughtful and cautious.  All good qualities, I think, for a guide dog.

Now, if only I didn't have to change my parking spot every day!

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  1. Me thinks Darth Dewey is going to be one very great guide/assistance doggie!

    The Mad Scots