Monday, July 11, 2011

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Cat House

Jam is a little nervous. He's at a cat house. He's going to have an interaction, nudge, nudge. They say these things go better if they are done when a puppy is young, but Jam is still a bit unsure. After all, Willow has been whispering strange stories of cats she has known.

It starts off innocent enough. Cosmo is in the wicker chair relaxing. Jam wanders in clueless.

"Jam, look at the cat."


"There. On the chair."

"Uh?" Honestly. Is this puppy for real? Then Cosmo takes over and deigns to move his head. In fabulous Cheshire Cat fashion he turns his head and fixes his large, mesmerizing eyes on Jam. Jam freezes. I think I hear a puppy "oh crap".

Cosmo is not amused. Jam decides to sniff his tail. Just the tail.

Then he backed away. Cosmo rolled his eyes. I swear he did. Then he disappeared.

I heard Jam gulp.

We'll be back next week.

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