Sunday, July 31, 2011

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Jam and Lydia

On Friday, my good friend Christy brought her 10 and a half month old over to see Jam and to go to lunch.

It was quite interesting to put a toddler together with a puppy. Jam is pretty good about not being super jumpy and bitey, but he is still a puppy, so the initial meet and greet was a bit chaotic.

It is very important that our puppies have interactions with infants, toddlers and children. They need to be very comfortable around them. So it was very nice that Christy was comfortable bringing Lydia over to meet Jam. It helps that Jam is on the mellow side.

Lydia was at first a bit surprised by the puppy.

One might even say, shocked! but she got over her reticence and eventually they established some coexistence rules.

Of course, I have video of the whole thing.

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