Wednesday, July 13, 2011

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Unforeseen Problem

Jam is quite the pretty lab. In fact, some might call him a fuzzy lab, almost polar bearish. His pelt is thick and white and Fred supposes that left with a momma polar bear, she would adopt him as her own and love him fiercely. I think she might make a snack of him, but he very cute, so it's a toss up.

Since it is summer and summer means schools out and casual clothes are in. Consequently, I have been wearing lots of shorts and t-shirts. Not my usual school dress code clothes, which is mostly made up of


I didn't realize there was a problem until we were on our way home from dinner with friends of ours who have children. We had brought Jam with us so that he could interact with their kids. He had a blast.

On the drive back I happened to look down at my pants and saw this.

Egads! This dog is going to make me a walking carpet of yellow hair. I do have a lint roller. I've now realized that I am going to have to buy one for the office staff now as well.

Oh Jam. It's a good thing you are so, so cute.


  1. Jam is so cute, who cares about hair?

    Our brown dawgs have just finished blowing heavy winter coats. I am hoping for a break from the big brown tumbleweeds which have been showing up on a daily basis.

  2. LOL I have created wardrobes for the color of dog I have