Tuesday, July 19, 2011

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Magic Man

Vets are special people. They are the ones you go to for the health and care of your pets. They generally have a tough job to do. Many days are spent as grief counselors or helping their patients get through very serious illnesses. So, I am sure when a puppy arrives, there is great joy in the building.

Our Vet, Dr. Don Woodman, is not only a good vet for his patients, but he also donates his time and services to Southeastern Guide Dogs (he has raised two puppies for them as well). So, he is Jam's SEGD Vet as well as our personal Vet.

Jam has been eating all of his meals quite rapidly and energetically. He looks forward to each meal and in fact about an hour before each mealtime can usually be found, if circumstances permit, staring at the magic door willing it to open and food to appear in his bowl.

Any slight jostle to his metal bowl will bring him racing to the kitchen, wild eyed and ears flapping crazily. Skidding around the corner, he will lunge into the kitchen and dive for the bowl, only to realize that I have mistakenly kicked it and have effectively done the doggie equivalent of


He will look from bowl to me and then turn around. Disgust rolls off him in waves.

For the past three out of four nights something unusual has happened. Since we had a visit to Dr. Woodman this morning for the last of Jam's 12-week old shots, I thought perhaps I should mention it. So when Dr. Woodman asked if everything was ok, I said,

"Well, for the past three out of four nights, he has woken up about 2 or 3 in the morning and vomited."

Dr. Woodman explained that with some dogs, it upsets their tummy to go so long without any food in their tummy. This might be Jam's problem as his last meal is between 5-6. So we are going to try a small amount of food right before bed and see if that settles his stomach.

I glanced down at Jam. I sensed a secret smile. It was as if, like the Grinch's heart, his heart had just grown three sizes too big and was in danger of bursting from happiness.

He gazed up at Dr. Woodman. Forget the magic door. This was the Magic Man!

Here is Jam with Kayce, a student intern from the UF Vet program.

It looks like the real world and Jam's world are starting to merge!

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  1. When our male Chessie was young, he had a similar issue. Feeding him some of his food before bed seemed to help.