Saturday, July 23, 2011

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Jammin' Highlights

On Thursday, Jam and I went to the hairdressers to get our hair done. Here he is at an empty station where he watched me get my hair done so he wouldn't eat any hair.

In case you are wondering, the hairdresser's is a great exposure for puppies as the chairs go up and down as well as around. In addition, there is usually music playing over a sound system. There are hair dryers, mirrors and all sorts of other things that can be of interest to a puppy.

We first stopped at the shampoo station, which is great as Jam got to do a down stay. I'm pretty lucky that Jam is very laid back and will lie down and sleep pretty much at will. So, when the shampooing started, he went to sleep.

My hairdresser is very puppy friendly!

As you can see from the outer edges of Jam's ears, she is a whiz with color as well! She gave him just a hint of caramel on the tips of his ears.

I'm kidding! 8-) He didn't get highlights. Those are lowlights. Haha. I'm kidding again. Who would give their dog a dye job? Well, come to think of it, there was a groomer I knew who had poodles and he would give them mohawks and dye them pink. He also put them in punk collars with the spikes running round them. So, imagine this: you have standard poodles (those are the big ones), with pink mohawks, and punk spike collars greeting you when you bring your dog in to get groomed. It was quite a sight. But no, Jam's a natural blonde with lowlights. He even has a streak of lowlights running along his spine. He is quite a handsome boy, my Jam.

I don't think he appreciated my remarks about the highlights.

He did, however, enjoy the mirrors at the salon. I caught some of his mirror interaction on video. It is below.

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