Thursday, July 14, 2011

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Meeting the New Headmaster

Today, Jam got to meet the new boss (and he gave him a big smack as seen in this photo). Mr. Seivold is an animal lover and has three dogs at home (Peanut, Tucker, and Pepper) and one cat (Peaches) and his wife! He was very kind to take a quick break for a photo op.

As you might have noticed in the photo above with the headmaster, Jam did not have his coat on. But we did practice the coat on, sit to greet visitors as you can see here with Jam and Jaimie and Hugh. Jam did great.

Of course, after sitting pretty, we took the coat off for some lovin! Here are Pat and George with Jam. There were some other rules we had to work on as well:

  • Remaining calm

  • No jumping

  • No baby voices (oh, did you think I was talking about Jam?!) 8-)

And Jeremiah got in a hug as well.

Jam also got a literary stuffed toy today. After all, he will be in the library.

Can you identify the children's book that toy is from?


  1. It looks like a monster from "Where the Wild Things Are." Am I the winner? Do I get to come visit Jam for my prize?

  2. You are correct. We have a guest room waiting for you. 8-)

  3. If Jam likes that stuffed animal from "where the wild things are" that much, then he needs to see the movie! (but he shouldn't pick up any bad habits from the little boy :)