Thursday, July 4, 2013

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Am I the Only Person Who Worries?

Fourth of July

It's July 4th.  It's a day to worry.  Why? Because a lot of pets are lost on July 4th.  They get scared, they run off and get lost.  It's a dangerous holiday.  I worry.  

Is this unusual?  No.  Does a day go by without my worrying about something? Why, no. Now that you ask.  It doesn't.  I am usually worried about something.  In fact there were several things that I found extremely worrisome today and I thought that other people should find them then at least a slight bit worrisome as well and they did not.

Tire Pressure Worries

And I know Coach found them a bit disconcerting. At least two of them.  The first exposure we had today was at the air and vacuum pump at the gas station.  We went there because Fred's low air tire pressure light has been on and I have been worried about it. We decided that today would be a good day to fix the pressure.

Photo of the air/vac machine.

Since there had been a lady using the vacuum before us and it was still running, I grabbed it after she drove off and used it in the car.  Coach and Jam were curious but not worried about it.  Check! Good boys.

Photo of a smiling Coach peering through the front seats.

Bella Brava

After the tires and car were taken care of, we went down to St. Pete for lunch at Bella Brava.

Photo of Coach with Jam's head over his peering into the front of the car.
 We really like Bella Brava both because of their outdoor seating, which allows us to bring Jam, and because they are dog friendly:

Photo of a Bella Brava dog biscuit that says "Thanks for bringing your owner."
They also always bring over a water dish, as well.  The staff is very nice and accommodating.  One of the things that worries me, though is that they are on a corner and there is a lot of foot traffic and many of those people have dogs.  It is best if you sit on an inside table that is not directly next to the lane of traffic as many dogs will pass your way and if you have a dog distracted dog, you will be forever getting up and down with him.

Closeup of Fred as he let me play with my camera settings.
Fortunately, both Jam and Coach paid no attention to any of the dogs that passed by and many did.  We we on the traffic side, but had a four person table and were in on the far side of the table.  Things were going well until this young man turned the corner with some sort of pit/boxer mix who I swear was deranged.

Deranged Dog Worries

As soon as the dog saw Jam and Coach, it started literally frothing at the mouth and making the most godawful snarling sounds.  The man had to pull up on the leash with both hands and practically carry him past our table, all the while the dog is snarling.  The man maintained a very happy-go lucky, carefree smile.  So pleasant and calm.  Jam merely perked his ears as if to indicate, "You, my friend, are too worked up."

But Coach and I had the same reaction: We both thought: "What the hell?" Coach didn't sit up, but he did watch that dog walk away.  I watched the man with narrowed eyes, thinking, "Your dog shouldn't be out in public if it reacts to other dogs like that."

Why wasn't he more worried?  Why wasn't he worried about what his dog would do?  Why wasn't he worried about the other dogs?  I'm telling you.  People need to worry more.

Car Alarm Worries

Then, after lunch as the breeze was making its cool way down the street, a couple parked their big sedan right next to everyone and got out making a big fuss about getting stuff out of the trunk.  Then the husband hit the wrong button and the shrieking alarm went off.

Was he worried?  No.  He stood there perplexed, pushing the same button, the one that didn't turn it off, over and over again.  He didn't move.  His wife stood by the trunk.  Shriek, shriek, shriek.  All the diners are irritated and beginning to stare daggers at them.  Finally the wife moves towards her husband. He tries a different button. The locks move up and down. Shriek, shriek, shriek.  The wife moves closer, all the while, not an ounce of worry is conveyed by her face. Is she really that calm? Shriek, shriek, shriek.

She reaches for the device and starts to push all the buttons.  I finally sense a hint of irritation in her frantic button pushing as the device is shut off and all is quiet.  They close the trunk and walk away.

No worries.

If it had been me, I would have hopped over the car to get to that device to shut it off, I would have been so embarrassed.  Is no one embarrassed anymore?  Is there no thought to another person's feelings? I also would have done the silent, "Im sorry" to the assembled diners.  We didn't get that either.  Kind of like Seinfeld and the courtesy wave when you let someone in when you are driving.  It's just polite.

That alarm woke Coach up as well.  I think he would have appreciated an apology too.  He's an old school kind of fellow.

At least we had great food and we all got a biscuit. I had no worries about that!

Be safe this July 4th! Don't make me worry about you.


  1. Worries, what worries, most people just don't care about anybody but them and their self centered world, and they never apologize for anything.

    Glad you were worried about your tire pressure though, Dad has a tire shop, and it is just amazing how many people come in with tire problems because they never check their tires. Tires leak, even new ones, they should be checked twice a month and a visible inspection made also.

    The Mad Scots
    May your rubber roll true

    1. Twice a month! Oh! That's good to know. I will start doing that. I just wait for the light. LOL. I'm anxious all the time, Susie and Sidebite! It keeps me running. 8-)