Thursday, July 11, 2013

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Suddenly Bad

This morning, I got up, after shooing Jam off the bed in what has become a morning ritual of

"Please let me get up on the bed."






You get the picture.  It's tiring.  But this morning, we had things to do.  I needed to get up.  I had no time for playful morning rituals.

Jam had other ideas.

I brushed my teeth and walked with them downstairs where I fixed my usual large glass of New Orleans coffee with chicory to jumpstart my morning.  Then I started to think about my day and what I needed to do.  Just then, my coffee call arrived, so to speak and I headed off to the downstairs restroom.

Imagine my surprise when both Jam and Coach burst through the partially opened door.  Coach left as the bathroom is very small, but Jam was in a mood and looked around for something to tempt me. I could tell that there was trouble a foot and with my hand held out trying to forestall whatever evil he was planning, I said, "Jaaaaaaaam!"

It did no good.  Jam looked down at the decorative Talavera pot beside the toilet where I store extra rolls of toilet paper and he grabbed the last roll of paper and skedaddled.

Jam, happy with his roll of paper.
 Now you might be wondering, was Cheryl left high and dry?  Did Jam take the very last roll of toilet paper?

View of the mangled paper after I got it back.
Was I forced to yell for Fred who was upstairs working hard in his office?

Another view of Jam's torn up roll.
Thankfully, no.  There was actually some toilet paper on the toilet paper roll!  Thank the Heavens above!  Crisis averted.  But I'm not sure why he was tempted by the TP in the first place.  Jam has never been a toilet paper stealer, so this was unusual action for him.

Protective action has been taken so that future bathroom visits will be safe and secure.  Now, if only I was sure that Jam understood what that NO meant and why the TP was taken away.  We will definitely have to wait and see if this is a new delight of his.


  1. Well sometimes us puppers gotta do what we just gotta do, we make no sense of most of the stuff we do!

    The Mad Scots and Trainee

    1. Yep. Sometimes, you guys don't make any sense at all! LOL! 8-)